Pleco Therapeutics aims to extend and enhance the lives of patients through its novel Plecoid therapies that increase the effectiveness of current cancer treatments.

This year, AML World Awareness Day is taking place in the midst of the COVID pandemic, the latter has heavily disrupted many aspects of cancer care.

Early on in the pandemic, WHO found that in 122 out of 163 countries, noncommunicable disease services (noncommunicable diseases include cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, and diabetes) had been disrupted, and that one in three countries in the European Region had partially or completely disrupted cancer services. We want to change this balance and bring hope to patients with AML.

 No effective cure has yet been found to treat AML and this is our wake-up call to tackle cancer together. We know patients need support to deal with cancer and #KnowAML is the opportunity to speak about what we do.

Pleco Therapeutics is engaged in AML research to find an effective cure for the blood cancer by developing a novel treatment, designed to detoxify the cancer-promoting cellular micro-environment. Our aim is that this treatment will be deployed to boost existing therapies. If successful in clinical trials, our Plecoid therapies would give AML patients an improved change to overcome this illness.

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