Pleco is developing novel treatments designed to detoxify the cancer-promoting cellular microenvironment. The treatments consist of a carefully optimized fixed-dose combinations (FDCs) of chelating agents with different characteristics and an antioxidant. Chelating agents bind the metals and form complex structures that are excreted, while the antioxidant facilitates the metal release from the cells and reduces the load of oxidative stress.

The Pleco approach justifies the classification ‘First-in-Class’ product that addresses one of the underlying causes of cancer, not the tumour itself. We have named such products Plecoid™ agents after the Plecostomus fish that clean an aquarium from the inside.

The first-generation Plecoid™ agents will consist of known Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). This gives comfort in predictability in behaviour, and they are considered safe for human use. Second generation Plecoid™ products may include new chemical entities.