Pleco Therapeutics’ mission is to demonstrate the market value and therapeutic potential of our proprietary Plecoid™ products through an initial focus on treatments for orphan cancers.  Thereafter we can expand our scalable fixed-dose combination platform for the treatment of other cancers as well as neurodegenerative disorders where aberrant metal patterns have been shown to play a role.

Our current pre-clinical development programs focus on the development of treatments for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML), a relatively rare blood cancer, and Small-Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC), an aggressive subtype of lung cancer. Both diseases carry a poor prognosis.


Pleco Therapeutics is led by an experienced management team, with a track record in pharma and biotech, guided by our supportive Board of Directors. Our advisors include the inventor of our foundational patent; an expert in material science and metal analysis, including in cancer; and a cancer expert specializing in the interaction of metals and key proteins in cancer.

Ivo Timmermans
Chief Executive Officer
Rudi Jansen Chief Business Officer
Dan Gelvan
Chief Research & Development Officer
Gerben de Rijk
Chief Legal Officer
Julie Powell Business Development Manager
Debra Ainge
Non-Executive Director
Gerard van Leijenhorst
Non-Executive Director
Callum Meikle Non-Executive Director
Brenda Reynolds Non-Executive Director

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